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Artificial Intelligent Voice Desktop Assistant

Goodday All Fine People,
I'm New to The Linux World and New to This Forum. I was a Windows User For a Long,Long Time and after about 20 Years I got Tired of the Crap that was coming through my PC. My Last OS was Windows 10, Then I Read That Linux is A lot Better and I won't get Viruses, Malware with Linux. I needed a Linux Operating System that will Be Similar to Windows. I Tried Almost Every Kind of Linux that was on and Believe me it took over 125 DVD'S and then Suddenly a Friend on told me about this OS, So, I Installed it and it looks like a good OS. I have Glacoma in Both of my Eyes,  I hate the Fact that Microsoft Spies on your Private Information you tell "Cortana." I also Hate it When you get all kind of Malware/Trojan Horses and Viruses, and the Full Security that you cannot Afford Doesn't Remove it. I Want an OS that will do All that Windows 10 Doesn't Do and then some. I want to Go to Linux. I ask if you know I would be able to install a Voice Recognition Program like "JARVIS" or "CORTANA" Which I can get Answers to the Things I Do Online.Please Let Me Know. Thank You and God Bless.:-(

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Re: Artificial Intelligent Voice Desktop Assistant

Thanks for your support and sorry for the delay but your mail was in the spam directory.
For SalentOS or debian based distro there is Xivo desktop assistant and you can install it following this link … stant.html

You can try it and let us know if is a good solution.

Have a nice day!

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