Razor-qt SalentOS

Razor-qt SalentOS is the first operating system based on Ubuntu that uses the new Razor-qt, desktop written in Qt, the same as KDE, but which provides superior performance compared to it.

DESKTOP: Razor-qt ensures a lightweight, elegant and very friendly operating system. The window manager is the lightweight Openbox and default compositing manager is cairo-compmgr.



ACCESSORIES: calculator, Leafpad (Text Editor), screen capture tool (xfce4-screenshooter), Notes (ition), a research tool files (Catfish), archives (xarchiver)  

AUDIO / VIDEO: Clementine (music player), SMPlayer, Silicon Suite (Suite for burning CD / DVD / BluRay)

GRAPHICS: Simple scan, Mirage (image viewer)

INTERNET: Thunderbird, Chromium Browser, Pidgin (messenger account manager), qBittorrent.

OFFICE: Abiword, Gnumeric, Evince

SYSTEM TOOLS: Ubuntu Tweak, Unetbootin, GDebi.

CODEC AUDIO / VIDEO FLASH PLAYER installed for proper playback of multimedia files!

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor 800mhz i386
  • 512 mb Ram
  • 4 gb hard disk space
  • VGA Video card