UbuBox SalentOS

The criterion that guided the building of UbuBox "SalentOS" was that of finding the right balance between lightness and efficiency, so it was decided to use Openbox with Gnome and XFCE softwares.

THE NAME: "SalentOS" because it was decided to make a tribute to Salento by choosing to insert backgrounds that immortalize some of the beautiful landscapes, places and moments of this land. 

THE BASE: Ubuntu is the right choice for the base of UbuBox SalentOS. The robustness of the operating system from Canonical, the ease installation of the .deb packages make the experience simple, fast and intuitive for all users.

THE WINDOW MANAGER: Openbox guarantees lightness and elegance, to which is flanked Adeskbar, lightweight and highly configurable bottom panel. Cairo-compmgr is the default compositing manager.

 Download UbuBox SalentOS 

Minimum system requirements

  • Processor 800mhz i386
  • 512 mb Ram
  • 4 gb hard disk space
  • VGA Video card


ACCESSORIES: calculator, Leafpad, Baobab, screen capture tool (xfce4-screenshooter), catfish, xarchiver

AUDIO / VIDEOExaile (music player), Parole (media player), Gnomebaker (cd/dvd burner)

GRAPHICS: Gimp, Xsane, gthumb (image viewer)

INTERNET: aMule, Thunderbird, Chromium Browser, Pidgin (Account Manager messaging), Gwibber (account manager social network), Filezilla

OFFICE: Abiword, Gnumeric, Evince

SYSTEM TOOLS: Ubuntu Tweak, Unetbootin, Gmrun

CODEC AUDIO / VIDEO FLASH PLAYER installed for proper playback of multimedia files!