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SalentOS Nerìton Installation

1) Create an usb key with Rufus (Windows) or Live usb install (linux) or Unetbootin

3)selezionate lingua di sistema e cliccate su continue

choose language

4) Select your country and press on Continue

5) Select the keyboard layout and press on Continue

6) Wait for additional component load and after that setup the net. The installer finds automatically the cable connections and wirless, press on Continue and assign a name for net.


7) Now you can create account user with Sudo privileges

account name
account password

8) Write a password and wait for load of additionals components.

9) guided partitioning If you want to use every bit of your hard disk, you will select the first option

  • Everything in one partition
  • Separated /home partition
  • Separated /home, /var and /tmp partitions
choose partition

With the first option, you will install SalentOS in one partition with the folder /home

With second and third options, you will install SalentOS in one partition but without folder /home in the same partition


10) Manual Partition

choose partition

Selecting the manually partition, you will have a screen that shows you every partition in your hard disk.

If you didn't create any partition in your hard disk, you will select FREE SPACE and press on continue

After that, there are three options:

  • Create a new partition
  • Partition automatically the free space
  • Show informations

If you don't want to use everything in your disk, my suggestion is select "Create a new partition". After that, select the space who you want to assign, press on continue.

Remember: Assign a point of mount in your partitions ( / in case of partition of root, /home for partition Home), select latest option and press on continue.

11) Confermate the partition of disk to save changes and continue on installation

Selecting No, you will go the partition menu, however selecting Yes, you will install SalentOS in your hard disk


12) Wait for finish of installation setup on hard disk and continue to installation of Grub, the favourite boot-loader.

choose GRUB

A) If you have also windows, you must select YES, after installation of grub, you can select Windows or SalentOS

B) if you have more OS in partitions, select YES

Select first option and press on continue

choose partition

Wait for the confirm of installation and continue to last step of Setup!

Start your SalentOS and have fun!