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What is SalentOS?

What is SalentOS ?

SalentOS is a GNU / Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and it uses OpenBox as a window manager. SalentOS is designed to combinate the lightness (this is why openbox), but in the same time, We want maintain the features of Ubuntu. The system includes GNOME and XFCE. SalentOS is a fully open-source project, free from any commercial company, it's maintained only by passion of people of Team

The name "SalentOS" because it was decided to make a tribute to Salento by choosing to insert backgrounds that immortalize some of the beautiful landscapes, places and moments of this land. Enjoy your desktop, clean and simple!

Openbox Openbox guarantees lightness and elegance. "It uses the box visual style, while providing a greater number of options for theme developers than previous box implementations. Openbox is a highly configurable window manager. It allows you to change almost every aspect of how you interact with your desktop and invent completely new ways to use and control it. But Openbox can also be kept extremely simple, as it is in the default setup, meaning that it can suit just about anybody. Openbox gives you control without making you do everything."

Lightweight, Fast, Elegant SalentOS is built to find the right balance between lightness and efficiency, so we decided to use Openbox with Gnome and XFCE softwares. We have choosen many open source apps to make a great system for use both at home and in office, for student and for who want a simple, lightweight and beautifull GNU/Linux System.

High Configurable With our new tool, configure the system will be a breeze! In SalentOS you can easily modify and customize the Tint2 panel: using Tint2 Configuration Manager you can add/remove lauchers and change themes! Choose you favourite logout theme with Oblogout Theme Manager! Also you can totally control the system with the new SalentOS Control Center and manage easily all update/upgrade command with the SalentOS Update Center !