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This page is a translated version of the page Styler and the translation is 100% complete.

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As you know, OpenBox results tough mostly to user less expert because it often needs to intervene in configuration files of applications. One of purposes of SalentOS is make an Operating system, more user-friendly for this the team tought create an strument to facilitate user about desktop settings. It's an unique application and you can run it from menu

The styler contains 2 tabs (Desktop and Tin2). The first one is divided in four sections: Style, Appearance, Compositing and Conky.

Style: There are three themes (Serenity as default, Sea and Fos). Those was created by Irene Grammatika for SalentOS

Appearance Section

We have a button that calls Nitrogen (wallpaper manager) and one button that runs Lxapperance for the managment style of window, icons, fonts, mouse and others

Compositing Section

The manager of visual effets on SalentOS is Compton. From this section you can decide if you will start it or not, start as an automatic start service and you can edit it by writing in configuration files (only expert users)

Conky Section

Conky is a monitor that shows system resources. It will print them in your desktop. From here you can select : if application will run as a automatic start service or you can select one of installed themes (you can however add yours in .conky folder in your \home) The conky selecter will add them in conky manager.


With this section, you can manage every setting in tint2 panel: default themes, clock, date, position. You can also change the theme of icons and you can edit everything you want (We suggest a backup before your changes)