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Re: "Shutdown" button to the right of panel Tint2

you must create a new panel tint2, containing only the applet turning off, copying the settings file from tint2rc and then make some adjustments, that's what I did, create a file named tint2rc_2 in /home/user/.config/tint2 and copied inside the contents of the file tint2rc and I modified these things:

deleted lines of code related to #Clock and #Systray #Battery then  set this

panel_position = top right horizontal 

that sets the new panel in the top right horizontally

and this one

panel_size 3 = 37% 

that sets the panel to a length of 3% of the total, almost a square

other changes, I only put L LTSBC instead showing only the launcher application

#make sure that "L" is directly below.
panel_items = L

and I only put the launcher shutdown here, by removing all other

launcher_item_app = /usr/share/applications/shutdown.desktop
launcher_tooltip = 1 

Then saved the file.

Then I changed the file tint2rc (the one from which I copied the settings) and changed this so

panel_position = top left horizontal
panel_size 97% = 37

To bring the panel to the left and make it along to 97%, so that with the new panel (which is set to 3%) go to cover the entire length of the desktop.

in the end, I added the new panel in autostart

 mousepad ~ / .config / openbox / 

and added to the file location of the new panel created

 ## Startup panel 2
(sleep 4 && tint2 -c /home/nomeutente/.config/tint2/tint2rc_2) & 

save and close the file and restart the session.

This is the result, you see the small panel to the right of the clock with the shutdown

(this is the italian version of this tip … 30d88b71df )

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