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Re: To improve the use of ram

Disclaimer: Neither the author nor the forum assume responsibility for any problems due to improper execution of the commands contained in this guide.

Being based Openbox, SalentOS is in itself a distro quite light, with a DE and applications that are content with little memory to run. Often, however, you need to add more programs, some of which may require a quantity of Ram as to embarrass the system (a phenomenon caused on older PCs).
This is because, as we all know, every computer has a fixed amount of RAM, which is useful for the execution of programs (which can range from 512Mb/1Gb to 8Gb overcome the latest in pc). Whenever 'launch' a program, this is to occupy some memory. But what happens when all the Ram is busy and you need to run other programs/operations?
To overcome the inability to perform a Ram 'saturated', operating systems have the ability to recreate a little space on the hard drive to be used as if it were an additional memory, called swap file.
However, since the traditional hard disk drives have the time read / write speeds of more than 20 times compared to those of the Ram, this is going to affect negatively the performance of the PC (lag and crashing in the worst cases).
We can significantly reduce the use of the swap file with this procedure:

- We open the terminal and type

sudo mousepad /etc/sysctl.conf

- We run in the bottom of the file and simply add the string

vm.swappiness = 5

(This will denote the operating system to not use swap unless it is absolutely necessary. The numerical value can be increased and decreased as needed; more is low, unless the OS will use the swap).

Save the file and restart.

In addition, we can further improve the management of the ram 'squeezing' a few blocks and in fact increasing availability through zram:

by terminal type

sudo apt-get install zram-config

After installation we restart the system.

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